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Perfect online platform to market NZ tourism to the German traveller

NEUSEELAND NEWS-Online (NN) has increased its readership from 1/4 m unique visitors p.a. in 2015 to more than 270 000 p.a. in 2016, a positive plus of 8%. With its sister travel destination websites and the total unique visitor traffic of all three sites now stands at about 355 000 p.a.

NN offers an ideal and targeted marketing platform for tourism-operations' and -organizations' campaign advertising.

The publishers of these three web platforms is NZ based Newspac Ltd., which leverages the new high readership interest into positive results for its advertising clients.

NEUSEELAND NEWS (NN) has been promoting New Zealand as a unique global travel destination to the German market for more than 19 years and is one of the leading influencers for Germans wanting to travel to NZ. 

Here is great news from the German tourist visiting New Zealand:

With 50 individual stay days here on average, Germany is now the second largest international market for holiday stay days after Australia. This market is mainly made up of Independent Professionals. Overall growth was 16.5 % to May 16 (more than 91 000 visitors p.a.). Total spend from German travellers in New Zealand now stands at more than $ 500 m p.a., that is about $ 6500 each, while independently travelling the length and breadth of Aotearoa. This is a significant difference of the average spend of $ 2300 from other international visitors. You’ll find an in depth market profile here.

NEUSEELAND NEWS (German language travel publication, established 1997, based in NZ and incorporating AUSTRALIEN- & PAZIFIK-NEWS) is building that momentum further.

This international German language travel publication can offer price attractive and successful marketing campaigns within our Award Winning Online Platform and our annual glossy Special Expo Print Editions for distribution within market at the biggest and most important travel shows in Germany.



November 2016: German Market Snapshot and Consumer Profile

A summary of German visitors to New Zealand primarily sourced from arrivals data (YE June 2016) and the International Visitor Survey (YE March 2016).

German Market Snapshot and Consumer Profile.


With more than 270 000 unique visitors p.a. NEUSEELAND NEWS-Online is the most trusted and preferred German language Travel & Lifestyle publication exclusively from New Zealand!

All online advertising is available in price attractive package options: long term packages, bonuses plus incentives such as inclusion into the prestigious annual NN SPECIAL EXPO PRINT EDITION (early bird savings) for ITB Berlin (the world´s leading travel, trade & consumer expo, March 2017) to maximise market reach. At the same time, NN online advertising offers state of the art mobile internet technology, including interactivity and multimedia.

NEUSEELAND NEWS has a proven record of promoting this country as a unique destination exclusively from New Zealand. Leading tourism companies, organizations and operators have chosen this publication to promote their quality products and services.



Mehr als 19 Jahre NEUSEELAND NEWS (NN) für Abenteurer, Reisende, Auswanderer und Downunder-Fans: Mit einer Gesamtleserschaft von mehr als 270 000 Online-Besuchern p.a. ist NN die vertrauenswürdigste und populärste deutschsprachige Travel- und Lifestyle-Publikation exklusiv aus Neuseeland. Buchen Sie ihre nächste Werbe-Kampagne mit NN!



Last updated 24 May 2017


MBIE: Average expenditure NZ $ 6300 each

German visitors to New Zealand are the biggest spenders of all international travellers. Latest tourism figures by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment confirm an average expenditure of NZ $ 6300 each (MBIE Dec. 16), excluding airfares.

This comparetively high individual spend makes the visitor from Germany a truly high end, high yield tourist for New Zealand (UK $ 4500, USA $ 4200, OZ $ 2000), who the New Zealand Tourism Industry is so keen to attract. Total spend by more than 92 000 German travellers in 2016 was NZ 576 m p.a.(+ 13.1%).


Promoting NZ to an international German speaking travel market

NEUSEELAND NEWS (NN) is the only New Zealand based German language TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION promoting New Zealand on a regular basis ONLINE for over 19 years. Our services reach out to the wider German-speaking international population promoting New Zealand as a unique travel destination. 

According to Tourism New Zealand, continued growth in arrivals from Germany reflects New Zealand's popularity among German travellers and the stability of the German travel market. Many Germans will cut back on spending in other areas before they give up their annual overseas holiday, even in difficult economic times. 

Tourism New Zealand also indicates that German visitors are independent travellers and four out of five will travel beyond the major tourist centres. They often start researching New Zealand well before travelling and are keen users of specialty publications, such as NEUSEELAND NEWS. German visitors are likely to make the majority of their travel arrangements while they travel within New Zealand.

And this is where NEUSEELAND NEWS comes in: 

We make recommendations on travel destinations and provide expert information on attractions, activities, accommodation and everything of relevance in between. Our mission is to provide a seamless communication between German travellers and the tourism paradise that is New Zealand.

We are working to expand our services to an even wider base of German-speakers. More importantly, we make the German market interested in tourism related services in New Zealand.


  • NEUSEELAND NEWS is the only New Zealand based German language TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION promoting New Zealand on a regular basis ONLINE for over 19 years
  • NEUSEELAND NEWS is targeting the Germanic European market exclusively from New Zealand.
  • NEUSEELAND NEWS offers comprehensive advertising solutions and promotional marketing campaigns in its  ONLINE media plus our SOCIAL MEDIA channels to maximise exposure and results.
  • NEUSEELAND NEWS-ONLINE-editions on average reach about 30 000 unique visitors per month.
  • NEUSEELAND NEWS ONLINE attract a total readership of more than 270 000 per annum.