Are Replica Luxury Watches Worth Buying?

We live in a world of make-believe and faked luxury, and there is no denying it. Many opt for fake brand name items to show off their style and status. It’s a fair practice; some of us have jobs that require that we present ourselves in the best possible light, or we attend events that could further our career, and we want to leave the best possible impression. We know many of you find yourselves in this spot, so we will write about our experience with watch rolex replica brands, and whether they are worth their price tag.







First of all, are original watches priced in a fair manner? If you ask us, no way at all. Those watches are without a doubt made by professionals with even a century of experience in watchmaking, of course. Every small watch has a thousand smaller components, some of which you can’t also see with your naked eye, and all those parts run together like a flawless machine. But, this is not what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the brand, the experience, the status of these brands and companies. For someone who is a true enthusiast of watchmaking, this is a legitimate desire and reason to purchase.

But, for the overwhelming majority of us, we want a watch that looks good and runs properly.
Let’s take a brand like Rolex, for example. We all want a Rolex, but honestly, their lower range products are uglier than the replicas of the same price. Why bother, when at any LINK store you can pick up beautiful models such as Submariner and Skymaster for about 100 bucks. These watches look gorgeous, and they run just fine. A big selling point of expensive brands is that their watches will run flawlessly to the 10th of a second. That’s great, but do you really need that?

We want to know the time roughly to the minute. After all, in an age of technology and digital devices, watches have basically become fancy bracelets that we sometimes glance at to see the time, just as a convenience thing — no need to reach into your pocket and pull out your phone that way.

Models such as GMT-Master come into way more variety than you would find them in a Rolex store. Brand name watches like to keep a small tight selection of watches, as producing them in a wide variety of colors could lead to wasted resources. What if everyone wants a rose gold Rolex, and they make thousands of blue ones that don’t sell at all? That would be a complete disaster for the company.

They would lose millions, and this would probably get bad press as well. With replica watches, you can pick and choose between dozens of different color schemes. Replica watches are in much higher demand, and production costs are a hundred times smaller than for brand name watches, so this is feasible.

Even with such a large discrepancy in price, we never had an issue wearing replicas, with the only downside being lower battery life. The average person you run into will never be able to tell you’re wearing a replica anyway, and you get massive style points from your family, friends, and colleagues.

Though don’t get carried away and brag that you have an original watch, and other than that make sure to enjoy your replica to its fullest. Most of them are waterproof and sturdy, so go swimming in them, wear them on every occasion, and if you really must have laser-precise time knowledge, pull out your phone from time to time!