Link Between Dry Eye And Migraine

Dry eye syndrome and migraine are related together if you are suffering from a dry eye problem, then you will surely experience the severe type of migraine problem. To get rid of this condition, you need to get help from an eye doctor first. To know more about both terms, you need to read the given topic properly.

If you are suffering from both dry eyes and migraine problems, it is not a coincidence. You may not be aware of it that there is a great relation between dry eyes problem and migraine conditions. A recent study shows that people with dry eye syndrome usually suffer from a severe type of migraine attacks. In this condition, you need to get help from an Eye doctor by visiting an eye hospital. To get the treatment, first, you need to understand why dry eyes problem occurs.

Why does Dry Eye syndrome occur?

Dry eye syndrome is described as a complex condition, which includes the imparting of tear function and eye surface abnormalities. This condition usually occurs due to increased water loss from the eye surface, which leads you to decreased tear production as well as the increased salt content in your tears.

Additionally, there are certain other pieces of evidence that prove that people are suffering from chronic eye syndrome. Some people experience dry eye syndrome due to medical conditions such as Sjogren’s syndrome. People who are suffering from this type of autoimmune condition usually experience migraines and headaches too.

Migraineurs With Dry Eye

Several studies show that migraine and dry eye syndrome both are related. A study reveals that people with migraines are more prone to get dry eye syndrome. People who are suffering from migraines with aura will surely suffer from dry eye problems due to an increased amount of salt in your tears. This condition usually starts with minor headaches and then leads you to migraine or severe conditions.

People with dry eye syndrome may find it difficult to get rid of migraine as compared to others who do not have dry eye syndrome.

Certain conditions which are experienced due to both conditions

Inflammation: If you are suffering from both conditions, then you will surely experience inflammation in life.

Central Sensitization

You experience this condition when your central nervous system becomes over-reactive to stimuli such as-:

  • Light
  • Noise
  • Touch
  • Sound.

These will surely lead you to severe pain and you may find it difficult to tolerate lower pain. This condition is associated with migraine and dry eye syndrome who are experiencing eye pain due to light, wind, and cold.


Some people suffer from these conditions due to genetic or hereditary factors. It means if your family member has/had these conditions, then you are also at risk of getting these conditions.

Trigeminal nerve pathway

This Trigeminal nerve is the 12th largest cranial nerve, which is useful to supply nerves to the eyes and these nerves are beneficial for tear production. A study reveals that migraines, dry eye syndrome, and aura are triggered when the trigeminal nerve is activated.


There are two common symptoms include-:

  • Photophobia
  • Eye Pain

Other Commonalities

  • Females are more prone to get these conditions as compared to males.
  • You may experience these conditions due to depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Both conditions affect your quality of life badly, so you must get treatment as soon as possible.